Stop Pulling the Ship

Go from Getting Things Done to Making Things Happen

Are you a new manager struggling to lead a successful team? Discover a straightforward blueprint to unlock the powerful leader inside.

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your new role? Are you afraid to fail but unsure about how to succeed? Do you want to boost your results but don’t know the steps to become an effective supervisor?

With over twenty years of leadership experience, Matthew A Overlund has managed professional teams at fast-growing companies as both an executive and a highly sought-after consultant. Now he shares his principles and practices to help you produce outstanding outcomes.

Stop Pulling the Ship! is an inspiring action plan for transforming your skills as a high-performing employee into those of a rock-star manager and leader. Overlund’s masterful system pushes you to retrain your brain to make self-improvements and expand your capacity. Empowered to implement proven techniques, you can focus your strengths and behaviors toward excellence as a true leader.

In Stop Pulling the Ship!, you’ll discover:

  • Key managerial elements to help you effectively navigate your new domain
  • Your crucial role in shaping your work climate for the most positive impact
  • How to identify the self-development that will enable you to lead proficiently
  • Strategies to shift your mindset from fear of failure to necessary stepping stones for progress
  • Ways to delegate to avoid burnout, maintain valuable work-life balance, and much, much more!

Stop Pulling the Ship!: Go from Getting Things Done to Making Things Happen - Transform Yourself, Your Team, and Your Approach to Leadership is your career-enhancing handbook to assist you in improving your management prowess.

If you like clear self-evaluation methods, achievable goals, and visionary guidance; then you’ll love Matthew A Overlund’s life-changing resource.

Buy Stop Pulling the Ship! to take charge of your success today!