Going Home

A Sean Casey Thriller Novella (Book 0)

Marine intelligence specialist Sean Casey has another mission in war-torn Afghanistan... and it will be his last.

With three days remaining on deployment, Staff Sergeant Sean Casey and his team are ready to return home until an unexpected mission comes their way.

For months, Casey and his team have been chasing a fast-growing terrorist cell. Attacks that began with roadside bombs have escalated to assaults on allied outposts and personnel. After every event the terrorists have disappeared without a trace, only to resurface later as they decimate a new target.

When a new source comes forward with information on the terrorist cell's leader, there is no choice but to act. The intel is questionable, there's no time to plan; this mission has warning signs all over it. Still, orders are orders, and there may not be another opportunity to put an end to this threat. As the mission quickly goes sideways, Casey is certain of one thing: not everyone will be going home.

If you enjoy political intrigue, conspiracies, and assassinations with characters like Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp or Brad Thor's Scot Harvath, this is the book for you! This new thriller series will keep your heart racing and the pages turning.

Read Going Home to start your adventure with Sean Casey today!